Visit The Schisler Museum Of Wildlife And Natural History

Schisler Museum Of Wildlife And Natural History

So, you want to learn more about wildlife and natural history? That’s great! Whether you are trying to provide your children with some educational stimulation while they are on summer vacation or you just want to check out the interesting exhibits, you are going to love going to the Schisler Museum of Wildlife and Natural History. There’s so much to learn here, and since you’re just a short way from home, you can go anytime you want. Want to learn more about what you’ll find when you go? Get the details below.

The Exhibits

You may think that you will only learn about the natural habitat of animals that live in the nearby area, but that’s far from the case. Instead, you’ll get to learn about all types of natural environments, which can give kids and adults alike a glimpse into what animals in other parts of the world have to go through to survive. You’ll definitely want to check out the Frozen North exhibit, which gives you an inside look into some of the coldest places on earth. Of course, you can’t forget about the African Bush exhibit where you’ll get to see animals and plants from all over the African continent. If you or your little one loves bugs, you can’t pass up the Insects of the World exhibit. You’ll see some pretty crazy creatures when you check out this portion of the museum.

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McMunn Planetarium

Sure, there’s a lot you can learn about our planet and the life we have here. But the earth is just a very small portion of the universe as a whole. As much as we might know about space now, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, and pondering these questions can make us face some of the biggest questions in our own lives. That’s just part of the benefit you’ll receive when you decide to stop by the McMunn Planetarium. Whether you go to see a film or just want to get a glimpse of what the clear night sky looks like, this is part of the museum that you shouldn’t pass up.

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