Grab Some Sushi Near East Stroudsburg

sushi restaurants

In the mood for some sushi? Try one of these local sushi restaurants tonight!

Yu San Sushi Ramen

Located at 1240 N 9th Street, Suite 102, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, Yu San Sushi Ramen offers a delectable and extensive menu of traditional sushi, house-special rolls, bento boxes, ramen, and more. Yu San also has lunch specials that tout lunch-sized bento boxes, specially-priced sushi rolls, soups, and rice bowls.

Sarah Street Grill

In addition to their delicious main menu, Sarah Street Grill also has a sizeable sushi menu, so there’s really something for everyone! You’ll find maki rolls (rolled in seaweed/nori), hand rolls (a cone of nori filled with rice, fish, and other toppings), house rolls, and sashimi and sushi (also known as nigiri – a slice of fish on a bed of sushi rice).

Sango Kura

If you’re in the mood for tasty sushi, homemade ramen, and craft sake, Sango Kura is right up your alley. This hidden gem is one of the newer restaurants in Stroudsburg, and it’s already making waves with locals and visitors alike! If you’re ready to see why they have a nearly 5-star review on Yelp, give them a try today!

How Sushi Came To America

Sushi has humble beginnings as street food as far back as eighth-century Japan, and though it might have been in the United States as early as the 1950s, it didn’t begin to gain popularity until the late 1960s when Kawafuku Restaurant opened in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles. Slowly, sushi restaurants began to open outside of Little Tokyo as the cuisine became popular among celebrities. New York, Chicago, and other cosmopolitan centers soon got their own sushi restaurants, and it was a full-on craze by the late 1980’s.

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